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Specializing in Business development, customized training, Career Development, Facilitation strategies, and Career Mapping & consultancy. Providing pragmatic advice, training, and direction without the noise. If a business is focused on success and wants more impact from its Employees to achieve its goals—this is what we offer.

Dan Murphy, Consultant.

I simply love what I do, partnering with a Company to drive individual performances, abilities & results so that the Company’s & Employees’ goals become aligned & move forward together.”

Dan Murphy Training & Development

Business Development

Business Development Services, designed to support businesses sourcing, connecting, negotiating, and finalizing contracts with new clients. From lead generation to signing on the dotted line, our service aims to streamline the entire process, ensuring high energy, pragmatic, and engaging support throughout.

Our approach includes:

Lead Generation and Prospecting.

New Client Engagement.

Proposal Development.

Negotiation and Closing.

Dan Murphy Training & Development


Alternative Facilitation, by tapping into the power of disruption! to spark creative thinking, innovative action, and decisive decision-making. Our facilitation service is engineered to obliterate wasted time and slash the costs associated with unproductive meetings. With our high-energy, intensive, and distributive strategies, we deliver outcomes with unparalleled creativity and speed. This is how we empower businesses to revolutionize their meetings, projects, and changes, leaving mind-numbing sessions behind.

Our approach includes:

High-Energy Facilitation

Intensive, Breakthrough Strategies Sessions.

Bold and Decisive Problem-Solving

Efficient and Innovative Project Management

Dan Murphy Training
Dan Murphy Training & Development

Training & Workshops

Discover high-energy, impactful interactive Training services in Brno, Czech Republic, designed to meet individual and departmental needs. Our specialized training programs focus on enhancing presentation, pitching, and communication skills, ensuring your team excels in both internal and external communications. By choosing our training services, you are investing in the professional growth and development of your employees, leading to increased efficiency and productivity within your organization. Our training services include:

Sales Training

Negotiation Training

Conflict Management Training

Optimize your team’s performance with our expert-led training programs in Brno. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business succeed.

*This service is only available in person.

Dan Murphy Training & Development

Career Consulting

Unlock your potential with our premier career consulting services in Brno, Czech Republic. We help individuals chart their career paths with clear, strategic guidance tailored to their unique aspirations and goals. Our personalized consulting services empower you to navigate your professional journey with confidence and clarity, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your career ambitions.

Seeking career assistance or guidance? Our expert career consulting services in Brno can support you. Consult Murphy has dedicated 3 hours per week to assisting anyone in situations of unemployment or financial difficulties. Reach out.

-Understand the Brno Job Market & Career Possibilities-

-Personalized Career Path Development-

-Strategic Career Planning-

-Professional Growth and Development Guidance-

Dan Murphy Training & Development


Innovative recruitment services in Brno, Czech Republic. We go beyond simply copy-paste or reposting job specifications. By using engaging marketing techniques to attract top talent. Our approach focuses on building a deeper understanding of both candidates and companies, ensuring alignment in energy, direction, and expectations.

By collaborating closely with HR departments, enhancing job specifications, and implementing creative recruitment strategies to find the perfect fit for your organization.

-Engaging Candidate Marketing.

-In-depth candidate and Company Understanding.

-Alignment of Energy, Direction, and Expectations.

-Enhanced Job Specifications and Recruitment Process.

Elevate your recruitment efforts with our dynamic services in Brno. Contact us today to discover how we can help you find the right talent.